XTENDER Sight Line Kit (200 Series)


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Introducing the XTENDER SIGHT LINE KIT (200 Series).

The (X-SL-200) SIGHT LINE KIT (200 Series) features the totally updated X-M-200 Articulating Arm.  This new arm is stronger than the previous model and has the ability to micro adjust and lock the tension.

This assembly will attach to the rod/rails of your camera rig. The 11″ Articulating Arm can be slid into place on the Single 15mm Rod Mount using the included shoe adapter. The arm is capable of holding anything from a monitor, light, recorder etc…

This kit is recommended for DSLR Rigs that use 15mm rods/rails.

This kit includes:

1 Single 15mm Rod Clamp w/ Shoe Adapter and Ratcheting Tightening Knob (SFRC-20-2)
1 11″ XTENDER Articulating Arm (X-M-200)
1 High Torque Shoe Mount (X-HTSM-10)
1 Dual Tightening Monitor/Light Mount (XL-MM-20)

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