A) Slide the CSM-20 with the hex screw facing to the right into the camera´s shoe mount and tighten wheel.

B) Choose the screw that threads the full length of the CSM-20 shaft without hitting the camera handle. Then put screw through the gromet of the Xtender´s lower arm. Then tighten screw firmly into the 1/4 inch threads.

C) Firmly tighten the hex head screw in the CSM-20 with the provided wrench.

D) Attach accessory (light, microphone, monitor, etc.) to be used to the mounting head. Determine if tension needs to be adjusted due to the weight of the accessory. If so, make adjustments with the allen wrench provided.

We recommend that the cable for your accessory be long enough to reach from it´s connection point to the end of the Xtender arm at full extension.