XTENDER® 2 Shot Kit (200 Series)


XTENDER-2 SHOT KIT (200 Series)


Introducing the XTENDER® 200 Series 2 Shot Kit


The XTENDER® 200 Series 2 Shot Kit (X-TS-200) features the totally updated X-MC-200 Straight Arm.  This new 2″ arm is stronger than the previous model and has the ability to micro adjust and lock the tension.

The arm kit is great for supporting lights, small monitors and digital recorders up to 2 inches away from the camera. The 2 Shot can mount your accessory using the 1/4″-20 female or male threaded port.  You can mount the arm using either the 1/4″-20 or shoe to the camera.

This kit is recommended for DSLR’s, ENG and Mid Size Cameras.

This kit includes:

1 – 2″ XTENDER® Straight Arm (X-MC-200)
1 – High Torque Shoe Mount (X-HTSM-10)
1 – 1/4″-20 Locking Screw Mount (X-LCSM-10)
1 – Dual Tightening Monitor/Light Mount (XL-MM-20 )

All XTENDER® products carry a 1 year limited warranty.

Additional information

Weight 0.51875 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4.5 × 3.125 in

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