XTENDER® 210 Friction Mount for smallHD 500, 700 and FOCUS Series Monitors



All-New XTENDER 210 Friction Mount for smallHD 500, 700 and FOCUS Series Monitors.


The All-New Sleek Designed XTENDER X-FM-210 Friction Mount for smallHD 500 ,700 and FOCUS Series Monitors is extremely durable and can handle more weight than ever before.  With the slight turn of a knob you now have the ability to micro adjust both the panning and tilting friction of the mount.    This kit was designed specifically for the smallHD 500 ,700 and FOCUS Series Monitors.

The smallHD Right Angle Adapter has a Anti-Twist Lock which fits snuggly into the 1/4″-20 mounting port on the 500 ,700 and FOCUS Series Monitors to prevent it from rotating.

This kit will work on virtually any camera or rig with a shoe or 1/4″-20 mount.

The Kit Includes: 

1 XTENDER® 210 Friction Mount (X-FM-210)
1 SmallHD Right Angle Adapter (X-SHDRA-10) with Anti-Twist Lock
1 High Torque Shoe Mount (X-HTSM-10-FM)
1 Locking Camera Screw Mount-1/4″-20 Mount (X-LCSM-10-FM)

Weight (w/High Torque Shoe Mount) 6.3 oz
Weight (w/Locking Camera Screw Mount) 6 oz

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 3 in

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