XTENDER Rigger Kit (200 Series)


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Introducing the XTENDER-RIGGER KIT (200 Series).

The (X-RGR-200) RIGGER KIT (200 Series) features the next generation of articulating and utility arms.  This kit features the totally updated X-MC-200 Straight Arm and the X-M-200 Articulating Arm which are stronger than the previous model and have the ability to micro adjust and lock the tension.

This assembly will attach to the rod/rails of your camera rig. Each arm can be slid into place on the Double Rod Mount using the included Shoe Adapters. Each arm is capable of holding anything from a monitor, light, recorder etc…

This kit is recommended for Camera Rigs that use 15mm rods/rails.

The kit includes:

1-Double 15mm Rod Clamp w/ Ratcheting Tightening Knobs  (X-DFRC-20-1)
3-Shoe Adapters (X-CSR-10)
1-2” XTENDER® Straight Arm (X-MC-200)
1-11” XTENDER® Articulating Arm (X-M-200)
2-High Torque Shoe Mounts (X-HTSM-10)
2-Dual Tightening Monitor/Light Mounts (XL-MM-20)


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