XTENDER smallHD Right Angle Adapter for 500 and 700 Series Monitors



Introducing the XTENDER smallHD Right Angle Adapter for 500 and 700 Series Monitors.

The (X-SHDRA-10) smallHD Right Angle Adapter is made specifically for the 1/4″-20 mounting  locations underneath and on the rear of the 500 and 700 Series Monitors.  This brand new adapter has specific mounting tabs plus a tightening knob which prevent the smallHD Monitors from twisting.

This adapter will also work on the smallHD FOCUS monitor.

This adapter mounts directly to the XTENDER *Friction Mount, 200 Series 2-Shot, Live at 5 and Film at 11 Kits.

*The larger Friction Mount tightening knobs can be used instead of the included knob

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