Do you ever ask yourself, I need another location on my rig to do some video accessory mounting? After thinking about it for awhile we usually rig something up or just give up. Well, I figured out the answer to your problems. Why not mount your camera accessory to the extra 1/4″-20 threaded rosette that some tripods have!

If you take an XTENDER® Shoe Adapter (CSR-10) and screw it into the 1/4-20′ thread it will give you the ability to mount your accessory to the tripod.  I use mine to mount a small monitor on the Film at 11 XTENDER® Articulating Arm Kit. Or, when I use my DSLR setup, my TASCAM digital recorder fits nicely on the 2 Shot Straight Arm Kit.  You decide how to use this new mounting location, the possibilities are virtually endless!

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